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Portable Power Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

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  • Product Introduction

In power transformer in the production of semi-finished products and finished products,Before the new installation of the transformer in operation,According to the national ministry of preventive test procedures, require the operation of transformer turn ratio or voltage ratio test, which can check the correctness of the transformer turn ratio, tap-changer condition, whether turn-to-turn short circuit, transformer whether can run well. Traditional variable ratio bridge reading is not intuitive, to convert, can only be measured phase by phase. Variable ratio tester overcomes the shortcomings of traditional variable ratio bridge test, simple and intuitive operation, using three-phase precision inveter power supply, fast test and accuracy.

  • Product Parameters
Test range0.9~1000
Measuring accuracy±0.1%+2 words( 0.9-500)
±0.2% + 2 word (501-2000)
±0.5%+2 words (2001-10000)
Angle accuracy±0.2°
Output voltageautomatic adjustment according to the load

minimum 0.0001 Point of view - 0.01 

Working power supplybattery power supply
Ambient temperature-10℃~40℃
Relative humidity≤85%, no dew
Dimensionshost 252*160*65(mm)      Box: 425 * 335 * 210 (mm)
Weighthost 2kg  Box: 8 kg
Test line lengthstandard length of 13 meters can be customized

  • Product Features

1、The interior instrument uses three-phase precision inverter power supply, instead of single-phase mains power supply as the measuring voltage,which eliminating the harmonic influence of mains voltage when measuring, more accurate measurement. When the power supply is a generator, there is no impact.

2、The three-phase output voltage is adopt to improve the test speed.It can measure the Angle between phases, also can measure the transformer with neutral point, automatic identification of transformer wiring group 0-11.

3、Fitting to a wide variety of transformers, especially suitable for z-type change, rectification change, grounding change, electric furnace change, transformation and other transformer measurement,has the most comprehensive measurement parameters.

4、The use of homemade precision three-phase inverter power supply, with high and low voltage reverse connection protection, transformer turns short circuit protection, tap switch is not in place protection, output full short circuit protection, increase the stability of the instrument.

5、After Input the rated parameters can automatically measure the transformer turns ratio, error value and tap switch tap , the tap switch for asymmetric tap switch, also can accurately measure the transformer tap switch accurate position, up to 99 points can be measured tap switch.

6、7 inch high brightness touch color LCD, clear display under strong light, full touch screen operation, Chinese and English free switching.

7、The instrument can be connected with the printer to print measurement data, convenient for paperless office. (optional)The multi-functional engineering plastic box with cold and temperature resistance, sealing and waterproof, anti-fall and shockproof, is convenient for field test.

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