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  • Product Introduction

ZC-205A transformer DC resistance fast tester is the latest professional transformer DC resistance test equipment launched by our company. It is mainly used for the DC resistance test of transformer in power system. The instrument adopts large screen LCD display, full English menu, friendly man-machine interface, perfect function and convenient operation. It is an ideal instrument for transformer DC resistance test by power system and transformer manufacturers.

  • Product Parameters
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature10°C50°C
Relative humidity




External interferenceNo extra strong vibration and electromagnetic field
Power supply


Range and accuracy of direct resistance test
Output current


Test scope

10A:  0~250mΩ            20mA:10Ω~1KΩ

5A:  50mΩ~1Ω            2mA: 100~30KΩ

1A:  0.2Ω~20Ω           200mA  1Ω~100Ω

Minimum resolution


Measuring accuracy± (0.2% reading + 2 words)
Insulation strength
The insulation resistance of voltage and current input terminals to the casing shall be ≥ 100m Ω
The power frequency 2KV (effective value) shall be borne between the input end of working power supply and the shell for 1 minute

  • Product Features

1. High efficiency and fast DC power supply is adopted, and the opening voltage can reach 24V, which can quickly charge and discharge the transformer winding.

2. The test precision is high. The instrument adopts 16 bit high-precision AD converter with CPU and DSP (digital signal processing) chip, which effectively ensures the measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability.

3. Each test can display and print all the test data of the three-phase winding of the transformer, automatically calculate the three-phase unbalance rate, and display and print the resistance converted to the rated temperature.

4. It has perfect overcurrent protection and wiring inspection functions.

5.320x240 large screen, high brightness liquid crystal display, full English character menu and operation tips to realize friendly man-machine dialogue. It is equipped with a real-time electronic clock to automatically record the date and time of the test, which is conducive to the preservation and management of the test results.

6. The data has the functions of power down storage and browsing, and can store 1000 groups of experimental results.

7. it has sound and LCD indicating discharge alarm, clear discharge index and reduced misoperation.

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