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Transformer On-load tap-changer tester

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  • Product Introduction

ZC-220 transformer on load tap changer tester is mainly used to measure the transition waveform, transition time, instantaneous transition resistance value, three-phase synchronization, etc. of transformer on load tap changer. The instrument has small volume, light weight and strong anti-interference ability, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of on-site staff. It is an ideal instrument for power generation and power supply units and transformer manufacturing industry to ensure safe production and improve product quality.

  • Product Parameters
Output current1.0A, 0.5A, 0.3A, three gears optional
Resistance range1.0A gear 0.1 ~ 10 Ω; 0.5A gear 5 ~ 20 Ω; 0.3A gear 10 ~ 40 Ω
Resistance measurement accuracy± (reading) × 5% + 5 words), resolution: 0.01 Ω
Transition time measurement range1~250mS
Transition time measurement accuracy± 1ms, resolution: 0.1ms
Sampling frequency10K
Storage modeUSB flash disk storage, local storage
Working temperature-20℃~+50℃
Environmental humidity≤ 90% RH, no condensation
Working power supplyAC220V±10%,50Hz±10%

  • Product Features

1、The instrument has large output current and light weight.

2、The open circuit voltage output of the instrument is 28V. The transition resistance of 10 Ω can be tested under the current of 1A gear, and 0.5A and 0.3A

 gears are set to facilitate the test Large transition resistance.

3、It has perfect protection circuit and strong reliability.

4、The vertical LCD case is 7.5 inches, which is convenient for field operation.

5、With USB flash disk storage function, more data waveforms can be stored.

  • Product Picture

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