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Capacitance & Dissipation Factor Tester

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  • Product Introduction

ZC--221 full automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester is a high-precision instrument for measuring dielectric loss tangent value and capacitance of various high-voltage power equipment in power plants, substations and other fields. Because the frequency conversion technology is adopted, it can ensure the accurate measurement under the strong electric field interference. The instrument adopts Chinese menu operation, and the microcomputer automatically completes the whole process of measurement.

  • Product Parameters
High voltage output0.5~10kV(Increasing by 500V for each level, a total of 20 levels)  capacity: 1500VA
Accuracy: tgδ± (reading *1.5% +0.06%)              Cx: ± (reading * 1.5% +5 PF)
Resolution: tgδ0.001%   Cx: 0.001pF
Measuring range0.001% <tgδ <100%
Internal high pressure3PF ~60000PF/10KV    60PF~1µF/0.5KV
External high pressure3PF ~1.5µF/10KV       60PF~30µF/0.5KV
Power supplyAC 230V ± 10%   50 ± 1Hz
Measuring method

a.single frequency: 45(45Hz measuring)、50(50Hz measuring)、55(55Hz  measuring)、60(60Hz measuring)、65(65Hz measuring)

b.different frequency: 50D(45Hz/55Hz measure each time) 60D(55Hz/65Hz measure each time)  Automatic frequency conversion

Harmonic adaptation≤ 3%
Application condition-15 ℃-50 ℃ Relative humidity <80%
Dimension460 (L) × 345 (W) × 345 (H)
Weight35 kg
  • Product Features
1. The instrument adopts complex current method to measure capacitance, dielectric loss and other parameters. The accuracy of the test results is high and it is easy to realize automatic measurement.
2. The instrument adopts frequency conversion technology to eliminate 50Hz I-frequency interference in the field, and can measure reliable data even in the environment of strong electromagnetic interference.
3. The instrument adopts large screen liquid crystal display, and the test process is intuitive and easy to operate through Chinese menu prompt.
4. The instrument is easy to operate and the measurement process is controlled by a microprocessor. As long as a proper measurement method is selected, the measurement of data can be automatically completed under the control of a microprocessor.
5. integrated model, with standard capacitance and high voltage power supply, easy to test on site and reduce field wiring.
6. The instrument has high measurement accuracy and can meet the requirements of oil dielectric loss measurement. Therefore, only standard oil cup and special test line are needed to realize oil dielectric loss measurement.
7. With CVT test function, the self excitation test of CVT can be realized without external accessories, only one-time measurement is needed, and the capacitance and dielectric loss of C1C2 are all measured.
8. ivddv technology is used in the reverse wiring test to eliminate the instability of the previous reverse wiring data.
9. It has the function of low-voltage shielding of reverse wiring. When the 220kV CVT bus is grounded, the dielectric loss measurement of 10kV reverse wiring can be carried out for C11 without disconnection
10. It has the function of measuring high-voltage dielectric loss, and can use high-voltage transformer or series resonance to carry out dielectric loss test of more than 10KV voltage.
12. Grounding protection function: when the instrument is not grounded or poorly grounded, the instrument will not enter the normal program and will not output high voltage. Over current protection function, the instrument will not be damaged in case of short circuit or breakdown of the test object.
13. Electric shock protection function: when the instrument operator accidentally gets electric shock, the instrument will cut off the high voltage immediately to ensure the safety of the tester
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