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  • Product Introduction

     ZC-300C Circuit Breaker Tester instrument can be used to test and measure mechanical parameters of vacuum, sulfur hexafluoride, less oil, more oil power system′s high voltage switch and etc. It is the most convenient tool for high voltage switch′s repairment and test for its stable data of measurement, easy wiring and simple operation, which make it possible to carry out experiments in power stations with 500kV grade and below.

  • Product Parameters
1、Time measurement: fracture 12
      Inherent opening (closing) time
      Different period of opening (closing)
      Different period between opening (closing)
      Bouncing time of closing (opening) (bouncing times)
      Measurement range: 0.01ms~230s
      Accuracy: 0.1%±2 characters within 1ms~100ms
      0.5%±2 characters over 100ms
2、Speed measurement: opening(closing) speed
      The average speed for designed period of time (distance or angle range)
      Speed measurement range: 1mm sensor 0.01~25.00m/s,
      0.1mm sensor 0.001~2.50m/s
      0.5ºangle sensor 0.01~25.00m/s
      Universal sensor:0.01~10.00m/s
3、Velocity measurement : instant separating (instant closing) velocity
      Appointed time slot( stroke segment or angle segment) average velocity
4、 Sensor measurement range:
      linear displacement sensor 50mm, resolution: 0.1mm, distance 0.1~50mm
      linear displacement sensor 300mm, resolution: 0.1mm, distance 10~300mm(optional)
      linear displacement sensor 500mm, resolution: 1mm, distance 10~500mm(optional)
      360 line sensor: 360º,resolution: 0.5º, distance 1mm~1000mm
5、current measurement: the maximum value of opening(closing) coil
6、Display screen: 320×240 Liquid Crystal Display, contrast adjustable
7、Data storage: a hundred sets of measuring data
8、Printer: High speed thermal printer
9、Apparatus power supply: AC 220V ±10%; 50Hz ±2%
10、DC power supply: output voltage: 25~265V continuously adjustable, output current:
       ≤20A(short time)
11、 Disconnecting switch measurement range
      (1). Voltage output: DC10~260V(adjustable)
      (2). Current output time: 0.01~20 s (settable)
      (3). Fracture signal maximum acquisition time: 200s
      (4). Measurable fracture closing, separation time, three-phase a synchronism , bounce time and frequency .
12、Operational environment: -20℃~+50℃, relative humidity:≤80%.
13、Host volume: 380×280×170mm
  • Product Features
1.The apparatus can automatically identify breaker status of on or off for fracture and operates accordingly with clue.
2.Independent fracture 12 can test and indicate connection status of fracture so that it is convenient for users to check wiring.
3.The device can store fifty sets of testing results.
4.8.4“LED panel, windows operation system, humanized operation interface, visualized interface, touch screen, all these are handy for use.
5.The device has powerful graphical analysis function,which makes it possible to display waveform and measured data simultaneously. Thus testing process is more self-evident.
6.The device contains delay and protection function, which makes it possible to cutoff coil voltage automatically after circuit breaker operates. Therefore the circuit breaker and the testing instrument are well protected.
7.The device can be used to carry out electric and manual switch test.
8.The device can be used in experiment of low voltage and high voltage, and seek the minimum voltage or closing voltage automatically.
9.It can be used in reclosing experiment for parameters measurement of closing-opening,opening-closing and opening-closing-opening.
10.Parameter measurement of vacuum contactor (single coil).

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