SF6 Gas Leak Detection and Analysis

Automatic SF6 Density Relay Calibrator

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  • Product Introduction

      SF6 switch is a high voltage electrical apparatus which is widely used in power system. The reliable operation of the SF6 switch has become one of the most concerned problems in the power supply department. SF6 density relay is used to monitor the operation of the internal SF6 switch SF6 gas density changes of the important parts; its performance directly affects the performance of the SF6 switch operation safety.

  • Product Parameters
Working voltage 100~240VAC,50/60HZ
Instrument precision 0.2
Pressure resolution 0.001MPa
Voltage measurement range 0~1.0MPa
Temperature resolution 0.1C
Repeatability ±%F.S
Humidity 90%RH
Test objects single Alarm ,dual alarm , single atresia , dual atresia, overvoltage alarm contact signal
Storage Capacity Can save 40 test results at the same time 
SF6 density display The pressure of the measured environment, the equivalent pressure under 20ºC
Weight 4.5 Kg

  • Product Features
    1. use 32 ARM single-clip and high speed signal dealing clip of TI to test and control, with high integrated degree, electromechanical integration design, with high accuracy, good reproducibility and strong reliability.
    2. equipped with monochrome LCD and soft keyboard man machine interface, easy to operate, with beautiful appearance.
    3. Automatically finish the conversion between pressure measurement and 20℃, thereby finish the dynamic automatic compensation between pressure and temperature. And display the pressure of the measured environment, the equivalent pressure under 20℃, temperature.
    4. the device automatically finish the test, do not need people's intervention
    5. print the test results in report, and intelligent analysis the results.
    6. can save the test results for 50 tests, can review and print the historical test results at any time.
    7. do not need thermostatic chamber during the test, can calibrate the SF6 density, pressure meter at any available temperature.
    8. equipped with many kinds of transition joint, for most of the density relay tester can do field test without disassembly.
    9. will not waste SF6 during the test, with low test cost, without pollution to environment.
    10. can online modify the system time.
    11. can online modify the system pressure on site.
    12. its key parts all imported from foreign countries, with reliable property.
    13. can test on group alarm signal , two groups atresia signal.
    14. this product is portable device, easy and reliable to use, it is the ideal equipment for SF6 density tests.

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