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  • Product Introduction

ZC-314 gas relay calibrator is a kind of special equipment for detecting the flow rate setting value, volume value, sealing pressure, opening and closing of pressure relief valve of gas relay used in power transformer. The detector adopts the advanced micro control technology. By detecting the high-precision pressure sensor and simulating the internal fault of the transformer, the instantaneous burst pulse pressure method is used to calculate the flow rate constant value, so as to detect the heavy gas protection action of the gas relay.

  • Product Features
1. The model management system of the test piece is added in the product, so that the instrument has corresponding test curve corresponding to different action characteristics of the test piece in the test process, so as to make the accuracy meet the requirements of domestic and foreign standard calibration bench test.
2. Advanced intelligent design makes the product more automatic. Compared with the same type of products on the market, the product has higher integration degree, real and reliable sampling results, and is convenient for users to carry and use. The operation prompt function of LCD makes the user use more simple and clear.
3. The instrument adopts miniaturized design, and the shell of control part adopts aluminum alloy valve, which is more suitable for on-site inspection.
4. The sealing performance test program of the pressure release valve is added to the instrument function, so that the test function of the whole machine can meet the specification requirements.

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