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  • Product Introduction

    ZC-411 Clamp-On Grounding Resistance Tester is a major technological breakthrough in traditional grounding resistance measurement. It is widely used in the grounding resistance measurement of electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oilfield, construction and the industrial and electrical equipment.
    ZC-411 series Grounding Resistance Tester, in the measurement of a grounding system with loop current, does not require disconnecting the grounding wire, and need no auxiliary electrode. It is safe, fast and simple in use.

  • Product Parameters
power 6VDC (4 no.5 alkaline dry batteries)
Working temperature -10℃-55℃
Relative humidity 10%-90%
Liquid crystal display 4-digit LCD digital display, length and width 47×28.5mm
Quality of clamp table (including battery) 1130g
Clamp table size It is 275mm long, 85mm wide and 56mm thick
Protection level Double insulation
Structural characteristics of Jaw way
Range shift automatic
External magnetic field <40A/m
The external electric field <1V/m
Single measurement time 1 second
Resistance measurement frequency >1KHz
Highest resolution of resistance measurement 0.001Ω
Resistance measuring range 0.01-1000Ω
Measured current frequency 50/60Hz
Measure data can be stored 99 groups
Setting range of critical value of resistance alarm 1-199Ω
Setting range of critical value of current alarm 1-499ma (type C)

  • Product Features
    1. Applies to all kinds of ground lead. (Round bar, flat bar, angle iron)
    2. Non-contact measured resistance, safe, fast.
    3. Need not use assistant ground rod.
    4. With double protecting insulation.
    5. With strong anti-interference ability and high accuracy.
    6. Use dry batteries, convenient for customers.

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