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Battery Activator

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  • Product Introduction

       ZC-421 Battery Activator is designed for the battery voltage of 2V, 6V or 12V, due to the crystallization of the polar plate caused by the capacity behind the valve-regulated lead-acid battery (hereinafter referred to as the battery) to activate the special equipment. With the battery "activation" and "check discharging capacity", "automatic charging" and other functions.

  • Product Parameters
Measure range Internal resistance: 0.000mΩ-99.999mΩ Voltage: 0.000v--25v
Min. resolution Internal resistance: 0.001mΩ Voltage: 1mV
Measure accuracy Internal resistance: ±0.5%rdg  ±6dgt
Voltage: ±0.2%rdg  ±6dgt
Power source 12V, chargeable Li-battery
Consumption 8 hours standby mode
Storage volume 64Mbit Flash + 8G SD card
LCD 5"colour touch screen
Dim 220 x 170 x 52mm
Weight 1.1Kg

  • Product Features
      1.The product is utilized color touch screen. It can be operated via finger or the touch pen with convenience and flexibility 
      2.Data save mode: Internal save and external save(SD Card )
      3.Automatically recovery overvoltage, over current, overheating protection function
      4.Activation function: Perform cell activation on the state of online floating charge or offline. Users should set up activation and cycling times, single-activation charge time, protective voltage parameters before activation; it can display battery voltage, charge/discharge current, charge/discharge capacity, charge/discharge time and etc; users can set up activation cycling and also stop the activation manually
       5.Discharge function: Perform constant current discharge for cell. Users should set up discharge time, discharge capacity, cut-off voltage and etc before discharge; it can display discharge current, battery discharged capacity, battery voltage, dischargetime and etc; users can manually stop the discharge
       6.Charge function:When the battery is on the state of online floating charge or offline, it can perform automatic charge for battery, users should set up charge current, charge time, cut-off voltage and etc, the instrument can display charge current,battery charged capacity, battery voltage, charge time and etc; users can manually stop the charge.
       7.Internal resistance measurement function: (optional) discharges the battery after disengaging the system, only 1 to 2 minutes can be measured to assess the capacity of the battery, internal resistance;
       8.High-brightness color LCD display, display clear and beautiful.
       9.PC data management software is powerful, friendly interface, provide data management, printing, analysis, report statistics, automatically generate test reports and other functions.

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