Cable Fault Locating System

Pulse Power Supply for Cable Fault Location

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  • Product Introduction

The high-voltage pulse generator combines "DC high-voltage power supply", "energy storage capacitor", "high-voltage discharge gap" and "sampler" organically to provide an integrated high-voltage power supply for cable fault location, which greatly improves the test efficiency.

  • Product Parameters
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Output Voltage DC 0 ~ 35kV
Output Power 400W
Energy Storage Capacitor 2uF/4uF
Discharge Energy 450J/1250J
  • Product Features

1) High-voltage pulse can be generated by this Pulse Power Supply, and the width, amplitude and period of the pulse can be set.
2) With the cable fault flasher, the rough locations of all cable faults under 35kV are completed.
3) Accurate positioning of all cable faults at 35kV and below is accomplished with fixed-point instrument.
4) with over-voltage, over-current and other protective functions
5) Can also be used to evaluate the voltage withstanding and aging status of cables.

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