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  • Product Introduction

ZC-703A pipe locator is based on electromagnetic induction method to the application of communication principles designed. Included in the use of more user-friendly design, through large-screen liquid crystal display signal strength, grate, arrows and voice prompts make the operator to easily determine the location and underground cable fault. One person to complete all operations. 

  • Product Parameters


Operating frequencylow frequency, RF 
Sound indicationsignal intensity changes with the FM tone 
Current indicationDisplay the current value of the effective cable under test (unit: mA) 
Operating temperature-10 ° C - +55 ° C 
Battery Type7.4V lithium battery 
Battery indicatorgraphics 
Battery lifecontinuous > 8 hours: stopped working > 16 hours 
Size70cm × 20cm × 11cm
Weight3 kg (with battery) 
Signal strength, saidladder, the number range 0 - 999 
Gain Controlmanually adjust the dynamic range of 100db 
Detection depthMaximum depth of not less than 2.5m probe 
Maximum detection rangedirect law insulated cable up to 15km
AccuracyLF: ± (1-5)% ≤ 2.5 meter  RF: ± (5-12)% ≤ 2.5 meter


Operating frequency

low frequency, RF

Modedirect method, coupling method, inductive method 
Matched load5 ohms -3000 ohms 
Impedance displayfive digits 
Thermal over-currentautomatic protection 
Power outputlow block, mid-range, high gear 
Battery Type7.4V lithium battery 

Battery lif

working 4-8 hours depending on use frequency, output power

Operating temperatur

-10 ° C-55 ° C


16cm × 16cm × 39cm 


² 4 kg (with battery)

Intermittent work 6-10 hours depending on the frequency of use, output power

  • Product Features

1.all-digital positioning system, and show a clear, reliable positioning 

2.portable lightweight, easy to use, quick to find 

3.Built-in rechargeable battery, the test without electricity 

4.depth with cable shows, current shows 

5.large-screen LCD graphic display, without earphone test 

6.Built-in ohmmeter measure the resistance of the cable loop 

7.cable locating and fault-finding with two functions 

8.You can find up-to-ground insulation failure 2MΩ 

9.adapt to night-time operation with backlight 

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