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  • Product Introduction

The ZC-710B zinc oxide lightning arrester tester is a specialized instrument used to test the electrical performance of zinc oxide lightning arresters. This instrument is suitable for live or power outage detection of zinc oxide lightning arresters of various voltage levels, so as to timely detect dangerous defects such as insulation moisture and valve aging inside the equipment.

The instrument is easy to operate and easy to use, and the entire measurement process is controlled by the human-machine interface. It can measure the full current, resistive current and its harmonics, power frequency reference voltage and its harmonics, active power and phase difference of the zinc oxide arrester. The large screen can display the true waveform of voltage and current. The instrument utilizes digital waveform analysis technology and software anti-interference methods such as harmonic analysis and digital filtering to ensure accurate and stable measurement results. It can accurately analyze the content of fundamental and 3rd to 9th harmonics, overcome the influence of phase interference, and accurately measure the resistive current of the side phase lightning arrester.

  • Product Parameters
Power supplyInternal lithium battery power supply or DC8.4V adapter
Measurement rangeLeakage current: 0-20mA (scalable)  (Optional: Current clamp sensor 0-20mA.)
Voltage: 30-250V (expandable)  (Optional: Electric field intensity input range: 30kV/m~300kV/m)
Angle: 0-360 º
Resistive current: 0-20mA (scalable)
Capacitive current: 0-20mA (scalable)
Measurement accuracyCurrent: Full current>100 μ A: ± 5% reading ± 1 word
Voltage: When the reference voltage signal is>30V, ± 5% of the reading is ± 1 word
Measurement parametersLeakage current: full current waveform, fundamental effective value, peak value
Leakage current resistive component: waveform 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 effective values. Positive peak Ir+negative peak Ir -. Capacitive current fundamental wave
Voltage: voltage waveform, effective value of voltage
Phase angle difference, power consumption
Voltage reference signal sampling methodWired synchronization: 40 meters (scalable)
Wireless synchronization:>1500 meters (scalable)
Lithium battery parametersCharging time>2.5 hours

Continuous working time>7 hours

Intermittent working hours>7 × 24 hours
Full box size42× 34 × 18cm

  • Product Features

1. Color touch screen: 800 × 480 7-inch high-definition color touch screen, human-machine dialogue.

2. Large wireless distance: compatible with wireless synchronization, wireless transmission signal exceeding 1500 meters, optional up to 5000 meters.

3. Multiple synchronization methods: supports 485 wired synchronization and wireless synchronization; There are three synchronization methods for finding voltage reference through software calculation without voltage.

4. Compatibility with live and power outages: Suitable for use in places where lightning arresters are live, powered off, or in laboratories.

5. Large range acquisition: Voltage acquisition range 0-250V, current acquisition 0-20mA.

6. Three phase simultaneous testing: truly achieve simultaneous testing of three-phase current and voltage, improving work efficiency; Simultaneously supporting single-phase or two-phase testing, convenient selection.

7. Safe and reliable: The instrument only has weak current inside, and the voltage does not exceed 8.4V; The current and voltage sensors are completely isolated, ensuring safety and reliability.

8. Optional voltage method: Support taking three-phase or B-phase voltage reference as voltage reference; Support using the induction board method to take the B-phase electric field strength as the voltage reference (optional), which facilitates voltage sampling.

9. Optional current method: You can use a wire connected lightning arrester counter to sample the leakage current at both ends, or you can use a current clamp to collect the leakage current of the grounding wire of the lightning arrester (optional).

10. Standard side configuration anti-interference processing: With anti-interference calculation function and angle compensation function, it completely solves the needs of 220KV and upper voltage level in the case of three-phase mutual interference.

11. Built-in lithium battery: Standard with high-energy lithium-ion battery, especially suitable for situations without power supply.

12. High speed sampling: High speed sampling frequency, advanced digital signal processing technology, strong anti-interference performance, and extremely high measurement accuracy.

13. Built in calendar clock: Built in calendar clock provides time basis for printing and saving data.

14. Massive storage of experimental data: This machine is equipped with large capacity storage, which can store massive amounts of data. It has data storage and browsing functions, as well as power failure protection function.

15. USB drive export test data: Equipped with USB drive export data function, exporting Word files.

16. Bluetooth control and uploading data: Standard Bluetooth function, equipped with Android Bluetooth APP, can be installed on a mobile phone or tablet to control, upload, and generate Word files.

17. Convenient background color switching: You can set the screen color, which can be changed to a patterned blue background or a patterned black background. You can also set the background brightness, standby brightness, and standby time.

18. Built in training materials: The screen is equipped with various wiring methods to guide on-site use.

19. Input of test information in Chinese: Relevant sites, equipment, personnel, notes, etc. can be input in Chinese to facilitate identification, storage, and printing of test data.

20. Switch between Chinese and English: You can directly switch between Chinese and English interfaces, compatible with both Chinese and foreign usage scenarios (optional).

21. Convenient to carry: The host and unit are composed of two parts, with an integrated dustproof and anti-corrosion chassis, which is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry.

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