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  • Product Introduction

In addition to the verification of various relays (such as current, voltage, inverse time limit, power direction, impedance, differential, low cycle, synchronous, frequency, DC, intermediate, time, etc.) and microprocessor-based protection, the whole group of tests can be carried out to simulate the instantaneous, permanent and conversion faults from single-phase to three-phase. It can also complete all kinds of large-scale and complex verification work with high degree of automation, automatically test and scan all kinds of protection settings, store test data in real time, display vector diagram, print reports online, etc

  • Product Parameters
Item Technical parameter
AC current output 3 channels 40A / 450VA each
AC voltage output 4 circuits 120V / 80VA for each circuit
AC output accuracy 0.5% (within the main range)
DC current output 3 circuits ±10A / 200VA for each circuit
DC voltage output 3 circuits ±160V / 70VA for each circuit
DC output accuracy 0.5% (within the main range)
Phase 0 ~ 360 º
Phase accuracy < 0.5
Output frequency


Frequency accuracy


Superimposed harmonic

0 ~ 20 times

Digital input

7 ways

Digital output

2 pairs

Independent DC

DC110 / 220V, rated current 1.5A

Boundary dimension




  • Product Features
1、Intelligent host

The host adopts high-speed and high-performance digital signal processor with fast operation speed and wide transmission frequency band. The software uses double precision algorithm to generate arbitrary high-precision waveforms of each phase. Because of the integrated structure, the parts are closely combined, the data transmission distance is short, and the structure is compact.

2、 Stand-alone operation of single Unit

The device is operated by a convenient and flexible rotating mouse through a large LCD screen, with a full set of English display. It can complete most test and verification work on site, verify various relays (such as current, voltage, inverse time limit, power direction, impedance, differential, low cycle, synchronous, frequency, DC, intermediate, time, etc.) and microcomputer protection, and simulate various complex instantaneous, permanent and conversion faults for the whole group of tests.

3、Can be connected to the computer to run

Through the full set of English operation software on Windows platform, it can carry out various large-scale and more automatic verification work, test and scan various protection settings conveniently, store test data in real time, display vector diagram, draw fault waveform, print online report, etc.

4、Large screen LCD display

The machine adopts large screen and high-resolution graphic liquid crystal display. The whole operation process is set on the display. The operation interface and test results are displayed in English, and the display is intuitive and clear.

5、 Simple operation

Using the advanced controller "rotating mouse", the structure of the operation part is greatly simplified, and the operation is simple, fast and easy to master.

6、New high fidelity amplifier

The output stage adopts a new type of high-power modular high fidelity power amplifier, which can be used for both current output and voltage output, with high output power, good accuracy and high reliability.

7、 Direct output of current and voltage

The output mode of DC power amplifier is adopted for phase voltage and phase current, which can directly output AC voltage, AC current, DC voltage and DC current, and can change angle and frequency, and can stack 1-20 harmonics.

8、 Self protection

Adopt reasonable design of heat dissipation structure, and have reliable and perfect protection measures, soft start of power supply, and certain fault self diagnosis and locking function.

9、 With independent dedicated DC power output

The device is equipped with a circuit of 110V or 220V special DC power output.

10、Rich contacts

It has 7 contact inputs and 2 empty contact outputs. The input contact is compatible with the null contact and the 0-250V potential contact, which can be identified intelligently and automatically.

11、Mainframe with integrated single machine structure

Use AC 220V power supply to work; small volume, light weight, easy to carry, convenient flow test.

12、High cost performance

It belongs to the cross professional joint design product and integrates the advanced scientific and technological achievements of many specialties. It has both the performance of large-scale tester and the price of small-scale tester, with a high performance price ratio.

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