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Battery test management system

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  • Product Introduction

ZCO-420 series battery monitoring and management system is used for real-time online monitoring and management of the operating parameters of the battery's single voltage, single internal resistance, current and ambient temperature. Avoid human interference caused by the use of hand-held equipment, and all tests are carried out automatically. Ensure that the battery is in the safest operating environment.

  • Product Parameters

ZCO-420-S data acquisition module is divided into two types, ZCO-420-S-12V and ZCO-420-S-2V. The battery system composed of 12V / 6V battery and 2V battery is tested and data acquisition respectively. Multiple ZCO-420-S can be connected through 485 interface to realize data acquisition of UPS system with different battery configuration.

Module basic control parameters

Module model



Single cell voltage measurement range

0~ 16V

0~ 4V

Voltage Measurement accuracy of single cell



Internal resistance Measurement range of single cell

99mΩ Max

10mΩ maximum

internal resistance Repeat accuracy of single cell



Battery pack current measurement range (current sensor optional)

200A (related to current sensor)

500A (related to current sensor)

Accuracy of battery current measurement

Nominal accuracy of current sensor

Nominal accuracy of current sensor

Ambient temperature measurement range

0~ 100ºC

0~ 100ºC

Ambient temperature measurement accuracy

1 ºC (at 25 º C)

1 ºC (at 25ºC)

number of testing batteries

21 / module

60 pieces / module

Operating voltage range

AC 220V or DC 180V ~ 390v or DC 90V ~ 195v

working temperature

0 ~ 60 º C (with good ventilation function)

Communication excuse

RS 485

  • Product Features

[Real online internal resistance measurement] The internal resistance test of ZCO-420 series battery monitoring and management system is completed automatically. There is no need to change the operating state of the battery pack. At the same time, in the process of internal resistance test, there is no need to discharge, which is a really safe internal resistance measurement method. [Modular structure design to meet various battery configurations] ZCO-420 series battery monitoring and management system adopts modular structure design. Each ZCO420-S module can connect up to 128 batteries in series. It can satisfy various battery system configurations through different module combinations. Internal resistance test method:


Basic technical parameters of the module

Relevant parameters

Internal resistance test method

alternating current method

Internal resistance test signal frequency

10 ~ 300Hz regulation

Internal resistance test current signal amplitude

1A ~ 10A (regulated according to battery capacity)

Internal resistance test cycle  

controlled or set automatically according to the command

Control signal

module bus

System composition:
ZCO420-S: battery monitoring and acquisition host, RS485 communication interface, supporting MODBUS communication protocol;
ZCM-CP-E: Ethernet module, which converts data into Ethernet communication protocol and transmits through Ethernet;
ZCM-CP-F: optical fiber module, which converts data into optical fiber protocol. And through optical fiber transmission;
ZCM-CP-G: GPRS module, which transmits data in the way of SMS, and sends the alarm information to the designated mobile phone at the first time.

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