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How to connect the field calibrator of transformer?

Ctp-1000c transformer field calibrator developed by our company is a multifunctional field test instrument specially designed for testing transformer: CT volt ampere characteristic, error curve, transformation ratio, polarity, demagnetization, secondary load, angle difference, ratio difference, transient Pt excitation, transformation ratio, polarity, secondary load function and other parameters.
When ctp-1000c transformer field calibrator is used for different test functions, its wiring method is also different. In order to facilitate your use, this paper briefly introduces the connection mode of CT test with ctp-1000c transformer field calibrator.
The test wiring steps are as follows:
Step 1: according to the description of CT test items described in Table 2.1, conduct wiring according to figure 2.1 or Figure 2.2.
Table 2.1 description of CT test items:
Step 2: other windings of the same CT are open circuited, one end of the primary side of CT shall be grounded, and the equipment shall also be grounded.
Step 3: finish the wiring and connect the power supply.
It is not difficult to see that the wiring mode of ctp-1000c transformer field calibrator is relatively simple, and even the novice can start quickly. Of course, if you encounter problems in the use process, you can also consult our online customer service at any time, and make your heart to solve them for you.