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Application of electronic multi frequency withstand voltage

The induced voltage withstand test of transformer and transformer is an important test to ensure that the product quality meets the national standard. The induced voltage withstand test of longitudinal insulation between turns, layers, sections and phases of transformer winding is an important item in transformer insulation test. The longitudinal insulation test needs to apply test voltage and withstand voltage test through frequency doubling power supply device.
Method / step
1. Let's talk about the usage of ZC-506 electronic multi frequency withstand voltage device:
The power supply and control of the device is an integrated design, that is, the electronic multi frequency test control box. Over voltage and over-current protection are provided. The composition diagram is shown in the figure below.

2. Withstand voltage test
In the main interface, click the "withstand voltage test" menu, and the interface as shown in the figure below will pop up.

1. Parameter setting area:
(1) Test frequency (Hz): output frequency setting value of the test
(2) Capacitance rise voltage (%): the set value of capacitance voltage of the test object
(3) Test high voltage (KV): the target value of high voltage side boost set in the test
(4) Current protection (A): set value of output protection current
(5) Withstand voltage time (s): the target value of the test withstand voltage timer
2. Display area of test process:
(1) Current output frequency (Hz): the current output frequency value of the host
(2) Current test voltage (KV): output voltage value of high voltage side
(3) Current output current (A): output current value of main engine
3. Withstand voltage time zone
When the boost voltage at the high voltage side reaches the target value, start timing and display the withstand voltage meter value. When the voltage withstands voltage meter value reaches the set value of withstand voltage time, the output will be automatically turned off.
4. User operation area
1) Start test: start output. In automatic mode, the main engine will automatically boost to the set value of high-voltage output. In manual mode, it is allowed to step up / down voltage through "voltage up" and "voltage down" buttons.
(2) Voltage rise: in manual mode, control the host to step up the voltage
(3) In manual mode, the voltage of the main engine is controlled by one step
(4) Stop output: turn off the host output
(5) Save data: enter the save test data interface
(6) Alarm reset: clear the alarm information of the host
(7) Return: return to the main menu