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Electronic transformer calibrator

ZC-104 electronic transformer calibrator is mainly used to calibrate the electronic transformer output in accordance with IEC61850 (- 9-1, - 9-2, - 9-2L). Calibration items include: ratio difference, phase difference, delay, polarity, etc. At the same
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  • Product Parameters

Test accuracy

Accuracy level

Grade 0.05 (ratio difference: < 0.05%, angle difference: < 2 ')

Absolute delay


Harmonic measurement accuracy

ratio difference: 0.1%Uh or 0.1%Ih

angle difference:10′

Input range

Voltage range

100/√3V and 100V

Current range

1A, 5A

Small signal input range

150Mv, 200Mv, 225mV, 4V, 1.625v, 1V, 2V, 3.25V, 4V, 6.5V

Precise measurement range


5%~120%Un(valid value 0.05%RD Un=100/√3V or 100V)


1%~120%(Valid value 0.05% RD In=1A or 5A)

Current gear

50mA, 200mA,1A,5A

Small signal

1%~120%Un (Un=5V)

Amplitude uncertainty

be better than 0.01%

Small signal input

Range above 1V

1%~120% Un Grade 0.05S (For measuring transformer)

Range below 1V

100%~2000% Un Grade0.05% (For testing and protecting transformer)

Small signal output (Optional)

Output Voltage


Output harmonic

2~40 times

Output accuracy

0.05~5V (0.05% RD)

Harmonic accuracy


Power consumption of input circuit


<0.2VA (100V, 100/√3V)


<1VA(5A) or < 0.2VA (1A)

communication protocol

Agreement type

IEC61850 (-9-1,-9-2,-9-2LE), IEC60044 (FT3)

FT3 dosing output

1~200% Un or In (0.05%, 2′)

Ethernet interface

SC optical fiber interface

1 (Multimode fiber wavelength 1310nm)

ST optical fiber interface

1(Multimode fiber wavelength 1310nm)

RJ45 interface



Optical B code synchronous input

1 (Second pulse and B code configurable)

Optical B code synchronous output

1 (Second pulse and B code configurable)

Electric synchronous input


Electric synchronous output


Inbound interface


TFT LCD resolution 800x600


Touch screen operation, industrial computer has USB interface, can connect USB mouse and keyboard

Power supply

220V ±10%, 50Hz±5Hz

Machine Weight


  • Product Features
1. Verify the electronic transformer that conforms to IEC61850 (- 9-1, - 9-2, - 9-2le), iec60044 standard and small signal (LPCT / Rogowski) output;
2. It can output precise small voltage signal to verify the merging unit of small signal input; it can output digital signal (FT3 format) to verify the merging unit supporting FT3 input;
3. Support synchronous signal output, synchronous signal input, non synchronous delay and other methods to verify the accuracy of electronic transformer; the accuracy verification items include basic wave ratio difference, angle difference, absolute delay, harmonic ratio difference and angle difference, etc;
4. It supports the verification of Mu's frame transmission delay, frame dispersion, frame loss, wrong sequence, time-keeping accuracy, etc.; it supports the verification of transient composite error; it supports the verification of transient ratio difference, angle difference exceeding limit, sampling point mutation, quality displacement recording, etc;
5. Support the harmonic analysis function, be able to carry out 2 ~ 40 times harmonic analysis on standard and tested sampling signals, display histogram and signal distortion rate;
6. Support the automatic parameter detection function, support the analysis of SCD configuration file of the whole station, and complete the parameter setting with - key; analyze the whole protocol of SMV message, analyze its protocol format and configuration of each parameter;
7. The mean value, variation, extreme value and multiple errors of ratio difference and phase difference can be counted, and the stability and linearity of electronic transformer can be verified comprehensively;
8. Support FT3 status word control function; support FT3 exception control (such as frame stop output exception, jump exception, flying point exception, etc.);
9. The protocol consistency analysis function is provided to analyze all data items in the whole frame to determine whether they meet the protocol consistency requirements:
10. The traditional transformer calibration device (BHE type) and Agilent 3458A digital multi-meter are used to realize the value transfer;
11. The built-in GPS or crystal with high stability can be used to output pulse synchronous signal;
12. The protocol package of IEC61850 (- 9-1, - 9-2, - 9-2le) can be parsed in full frame, the number of ASDU and sampling points can be analyzed automatically, and all channel waveforms can be displayed, and all channel data can be visually viewed without packet capturing;
13. It has ST, SC dual fiber Ethernet interface and dual R45 Ethernet interface to improve reliability, and it is convenient to access electronic transformer with different interfaces;
14. The sixth order quasi synchronous algorithm makes the algorithm error of non synchronous sampling approach to zero;
15. Adopt 24bit ad chip and 512 times over sampling technology, greatly expand the bandwidth and improve the accuracy;
16. Adopt multi gear automatic switch and FIR filter to improve dynamic range and reduce signal-to-noise ratio;
17. Real time display of waveform, frequency, amplitude, phase and other data is convenient for comprehensive analysis of transformer performance:
18. With industrial computer, 800x600 touch screen, more convenient to operate;
19. It is equipped with powerful and easy-to-use operation software, which can run in industrial computer or notebook;
20. The mean value, variation, extreme value, multiple errors and other data of ratio difference and phase difference can be counted. It can check the stability and linearity of electronic transformer;
21. It can carry out multiple harmonic analysis and verify the accuracy of each harmonic of electronic transformer:
22. It can record and replay the whole test process:
23. It can carry out frame loss test and count the number of frames lost in real time.

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