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Wireless secondary voltage drop tester

ZC-106B wireless secondary voltage drop tester is also called transformer secondary voltage drop tester and CT / PT secondary voltage drop tester. Wireless secondary voltage drop tester is used to measure the secondary voltage drop of voltage transfor
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  • Product Features
1. Distributed wireless synchronous measurement of volt ampere phase electrical parameters, wireless synchronous measurement of six voltage amplitude phase, single-phase or three-phase measurement of secondary voltage automatically calculate the ratio difference, angle difference;
2. It can be used as a three-phase volt ampere phase meter alone
3. No GPS is needed to avoid long-term star searching due to weather and tall buildings;
4. It is not necessary to set temporary cable between the side of electric energy meter and PT end to avoid PT secondary short circuit caused by cable insulation or operation problems
5. Wireless communication is adopted to avoid the pollution of secondary measurement loop caused by carrier communication and affect the accuracy of electric energy measurement;
6. It can be single-phase or three-phase measurement;
7. Wireless repeater can be selected to solve the problem of wireless communication in basement and well shielded room;
8. The current amplitude and phase measurement can reach 1mA at least, which is very suitable for the load test of the main transformer and the current measurement of the new station or the station with small load;
9. Automatic range switching:
10. Full isolation of voltage and current sampling;
11. Measurement data can be exported to SD card through SD card upgrade application program;
12. 3.5-inch color LCD is adopted;
13. Built in large capacity lithium battery, - after charging, it can work continuously for 6 hours without turning off the backlight of the screen (turn on the backlight off function, and the standby time is longer);
14. Wide operating temperature range - 20 ° C to 50 ° C.

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