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Standard Current Transformer

ZC - 112 series standard current transformer: The core of transformer is made of soft magnetic material with high permeability ,heat treat with high temperature protection, high strength polyester enameled wire for primary and secondary coils. And it
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  • Product Parameters
Working temperature     -5~+40℃
Working humidity     ﹤80%
Rated capacity     5VA
Power factor     COSφ=0.8/1.0
    Permitting long - term operation under rated current, above 150A breakdown through the heart.
Standard current ratio     5A~10000A/5A、1A
measurement accuracy     0.01(S)、0.02(S)0.05(S)
Rated voltage     500V
Rated frequency     50Hz
Size     380×170×400mm3
Weight     12kg


  • Product Features
1.The standard current transformer is composed of primary winding and secondary winding.
2.Calibration is carried out according to the standard current ratio indicated on the nameplate.
3.The standard current transformer can be self - calibrated in 5/5 or 1/1 current ratio.
4.With casters and convenient to move.

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