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PT On-site Calibrator

ZC-120A PT Tester Product Introduction This product is high precision, good stability, small in volume, light in weight. Alternative Name transformer tester, transformer calibrator, PT On-site Calibrator Product Features 1. 80%-120% regulat
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  • ZC-120A
    • Product Parameters
    Measurement Range 6kV、6kV/√3、10kV、10kV/√3、15.75kV、15.75kV/√3

    CT Working Range     20%~200%
    CT Secondary Load     2.5VA-600VA、COS=0.8
    CT Accuracy Range     1.0、0.5、0.2、0.1
    Resistance Trans-admittance Error     ≤5.0%
    Resistance Trans-admittance Range     R:0.00Ω~5.0ΩY:0.00mS~200.0mS
    Power Consumption     20VA
    Measurement Accuracy     0.05S
    Dimension     460mm×350mm×135mm
    Weight     11.0kg

    • Product Features
        1. Test and display the upper & lower limiting load and any error (ratio, phase-angle difference) of national standard test PT.
        2. Test and display any two groups' actual load standard percentage point and any percentage point error (ratio, phase-angle difference).
        3. Test ratio and polarity of the PT.
        4. 640×480LCD; easy to connect wire and operate, convenient to carry.
        5. Can store and print all test results, convenient to review.

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