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PT Excitation Characteristic Tester

ZC-121A PT excitation characteristic tester is developed specifically for PT excitation characteristic, no-load characteristic measuring equipment factory according to national standard "GB / T 22071.2-2008 transformer test guidelines for Part 2: elec
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  • Product Parameters
Voltage measurement 0~300V 0.2class
Current measurement 0~20A 0.2class
Active power 0~6KW 0.5class
Frequency 40~75Hz 0.1class
  • Product Features
    1. This CT Analyzer automatically collects, measures, displays, stores and prints all measurement parameters and excitation characteristic curves (voltage, current, power, frequency, etc.).
    2. Ultra large scale, can automatically and manually measure the set point of the excitation data.
    3. Supports up to 100 sets of preset test parameters, when doing the test only needs to enter the number of preset parameters of the test sample can be transferred out of the sequence value of the capture point, greatly improving the efficiency of the test.
    4. Built-in large capacity memory, storage test data, and the industry standard communication interface (RS232) uploaded to the PC machine, random software to achieve data upload, automatic generation and editing the typical test report, for the technical management and archiving.
    5. With the function of over-voltage and over current protection, the protection value is automatically adjusted according to the test parameters, which is simple and convenient and can ensure the safety of the test equipment.
    6. Aslo can do the test for the voltage (current) transformer, arc suppression coil volt ampere characteristic test.

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