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Full-function variable ratio tester

According to IEC and relevant national standards, the power transformer, in the process of production, users and the maintenance test transformer variable ratio test is will do project, and it can effectively supervise the transformer products and the
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  • Product Parameters
Power supply        160VAC~280VAC,45Hz~55Hz
Temprature        -5℃~40℃
Relative humidity        <95%(25℃)
Outside interference      No extra strong vibration, no extra strong electromagnetic field
The altitude        <2500m
Measuring range    Ratio tester      0.5~10000
  group      1~12
 Angle difference      0~360℃
Accuracy of the test    ratio measurement accuracy      +0.2%(0.5~2000)
  Angle difference measurement accuracy       30
Group     1~12
Dielectric strength   The insulation resistance of the voltage and current input terminal to the casing is ≥100MΩ.The working power input terminal withstands the power frequency of 2KV (effective value) between the housing, and the experiment lasts for 1 minute.
dimensions        400×290×170mm3
weight        8kg
WIFI parameters Frequency range     2400~2483.5MHz
The antenna pattern    Onboard PCB antenna
output power     13~18dBm
security     WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Receiving sensitivity     <=-70dBm
certification     RoHS

  • Product Features
1.The instrument is integrated with single-phase and three-phase standard power supply with stable amplitude and constant phase.
2.Internal standard power output power is large, the maximum 5A output, especially suitable for low-voltage transformer test, as well as CT and PT manufacturing process of semi-finished product turns test.
3.Accurately and quickly test the turn ratio, turn ratio error and phase difference of current transformer (CT) and voltage transformer (PT)
4.test single-phase or three-phase transformers, suitable for Z winding transformers, rectifier transformers and railway electrical system Scott, reverse Scott, balance transformer test.
5.High test precision, the instrument adopts 16-bit high-precision AD, and high-speed DSP processor, effectively ensure the measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability.
6.The instrument adopts no local discharge voltage regulating output, voltage regulating, measuring speed is fast, only 5 seconds to complete the boost and test;
7.The instrument automatically judges the rated ratio of the current tap: when testing the multi-tap transformer, it only needs to input the voltage adjustment ratio of the tap switch once to carry out the test without entering the current tap number, which greatly improves the working efficiency.
8.Internal with overcurrent protection, check wiring function.
9.320x240 large screen, high brightness LCD display, full Chinese menu and operation prompts to achieve friendly man-machine dialogue, rotate the mouse to make the operation more convenient.
10.with real-time electronic clock, automatic recording of the test date and time is conducive to the preservation and management of experimental results.
11.panel type thermal printer, can quickly print test results on the spot. with power down storage and browsing function, can store 1000 groups of experimental results, can be transmitted with the computer online data.
13.Support WIFI function, no need to connect the data line can realize each test data real-time synchronization to the server, with the upper computer software can realize data analysis and management.

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