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Transformer short-circuit impedance tester

The ZC-204B transformer tester is suitable for short-circuit impedance measurement of 35kV main transformer. Both field testing and laboratory testing are available.
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  • Product Parameters
easurement accuracy: Voltage, Current :0.2class Power:Cosϕ>0.1:0.5 class; Cosϕ≤0.1:1.0class
Impedance:Cosϕ>0.1:0.5 class; Cosϕ≤0.1:1.0class
Voltage measurement range AC 3V~300V
Internal power output range Voltage:0~250V; Current:0~10A
Current measurement range AC 0.2A~20A
Working temperature -10℃~50℃
Working humidity 0~80%
Working power supply AC 220V±10%;50Hz±1Hz
Outline dimension 360mm×220mm×150mm
Weight 5Kg

  • Product Features
    1. This transformer tester has adjustable power output, single-phase and three-phase transformers. It can be used to complete all winding measurements. It only needs to connect the wires once, and the test and wiring are simple. The instrument uses phase-locked loop technology to synchronize sampling and communication. Signal, measurement data is accurate.
    2. Test and algorithm is to meet the<< DL/T1093-2008 power transformer winding deformation detection and judgment >>, and automatically calculate the short-circuit impedance, reactance and inductance value of each phase.
    3. Test data can be imported into the computer to facilitate further analysis or storage; support external power supply, expand the test power.
    4. Through the anti large screen liquid crystal, in the sun can be clearly displayed; all Chinese menu and operation tips, simple and intuitive operation.

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