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DC resistance tester (10A)

Transformer DC resistance tester has high test accuracy and easy operation, and can realize the rapid measurement of transformer direct resistance.
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  • Product Parameters
Testing   current20mA40mA200mA1A5A10A
Mesure range10A0.2mΩ800mΩaccuracy±(0.2%+2 bytes)
Minimum resolution0.1μΩ
DisplayLCD screenResistance display effective number is 4 digits
Data storage1000group
Work conditionRelative humidity: <80%RHno No condensation
Temperature: -20℃~40
Power supplyAC 220V±10V50Hz±1   HzFuse 2A
Max power200WOptional battery 16.8V/7800mAH)

  • Product Features

1. This product is suitable for inductive load testing of 10KV, 35KV level distribution transformers, CT/PT transformers, electric motor, power generators, etc., as well as the measurement of wires, relay switch contacts, etc.

2. With temperature conversion function, the resistance value at different temperatures can be converted according to customer needs, which is convenient for data comparison.

3. Data storage and perpetual calendar without power failure, can store 1000 sets of test data, and store test time in real time.

4. Built-in micro printer can print test data in real time.

5. With discharge sound alarm, overheating of power supply, reverse voltage connection and other protection functions.

6. 480X272 dot matrix 65K true color LCD, high brightness, clear display under strong light.

7. The load switch can be directly switched in the measurement state, the instrument automatically refreshes the data, and no reset operation is required.

8. Equipped with RS232 interface and U disk interface, which is convenient for communication and data mobile storage.

9. With 6 current gears and automatic current gear, the current gear can be automatically selected according to the load.

10. Injection case, waterproof, dustproof, shock absorption, etc.

11. Optional large capacity lithium battery (16.8V / 7800mAH).

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