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DC Resistance Tester

The DC resistance of transformer is the transformers semi-finished product, finished product test, installation, commissioning test, and electric part prevention test necessary test project,the transformer coil can effectively find the device weldin
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  • Product Parameters
Output current        10A.1A.300mA.100mA.5mA
Measuring range        10A:0~0.1Ω
Accuracy        0.2%±2µΩ
Resolution        0.1µΩ
Output voltage        10A(DC 3V) , rest of the file(DC 12V)
Working temperature        -20~40℃
Ambient humidity         ≤90%RH,non condensed
Working power        AC 220V±10%,50Hz±5Hz
AC and DC dual use, built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Size        315×230×140mm3
Weight        ≈4kg


  • Product Features
1.The instrument has high output current and light weight ;
2.The instrument provides 5 output current options, up to 10A output current ;
3.The instrument has wide measuring range, 0 ~ 20 k Ω;
4.With perfect protection circuit, more reliable performance ;
5.Powered by lithium ion battery, it is convenient for field operation ;
6.LCD prompt menu operation, convenient for use ;
7.Equipped with sound and liquid crystal indicator discharge alarm, discharge 


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