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Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

Product Introduction ZC-206B Transformer Winding Deformation Testerquantizing windings parameter changes in different frequency domain, according variance, range, extent and trend of frequency response ,to decide deformed extent of the wind
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  • Product Parameters
Scanning mode linear scan distribution
Sweep frequency measurement range (1kHz)~(2MHz) 2000 Sweep frequency point; resolution ratio 1kHz range
Measurement accuracy 0.1dB
Scanning frequency accuracy <0.01%
Scanning measurement range (0.5kHz)~(1MHz)      2000 Sweep frequency
(0.5kHz)~(10kHz)    resolution ratio 0.02kHz
(10kHz)~(100kHz)    resolution ratio 0.02kHz
(100kHz)~(500kHz)    resolution ratio 1 kHz
(500kHz)~(1000kHz)    resolution ratio 1 kHz

  • Product Features
    1. The transformer tester uses a high speed, highly integrated microprocessor for sampling and control.
    2. This transformer tester uses USB to connect laptops and devices
    3. Use wireless blue-tooth interface to communicate the notebook PC and device. The high-speed microprocessor integrated with device, need not move the computer during the field test.
    4. Hardware cassette mechanism adopts DDS (from America), can correctly detect the breakdown :distortion, swell, shift, tilt, inter-turn short circuit deformation and contacting short circuit inter-phase.
    5. High resolution dB to test, dual channel, 16 bit A/D sampling (the wave from curve will change obviously if change the tapping switch during the field tests. )
    6. The software can adjust the output signal range, the maximum amplitude peak±10V.
    7. The computer automatically generating the test results to be Word document.
    8. Use precision , high stability components, repeat to test , the measurement repetition rate >99.5%.
    9. Finished circuit boards, the surface with special treatment.
    10. The transformer tester has two measurement systems: linear scan and segmented scan.
    11. Amplitude-frequency characteristic complies the national technical specifications.
    12. Test data automatic analysis system, horizontal compare the similarity of A,B ,C, the results as below:
      ①conformance is very good
      ②conformance is good
      ③conformance is bad
      ④serious deformation
      Vertical compare A-A、B-B、C-C, obtain the original data to compare the winding deformation with the test data in the same phase, the results as below:
      ②slight deformation
      ③moderate deformation
      ④serious deformation
    13. Automatically generating Word document,convenient for customers to save and print.
    14. Totally meet the technique conditions of DL/T911-2004:Survey of Frequency Response Analysis on Winding Deformation of Transformers.

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