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Inter-molecular forces

Inter-molecular forces will generate interface tension and surface tension of liquids. The value of tension reflects liquid sample’s physics and chemical properties, which is one of the most important index for product quality. ZC-214 automatic tens
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  • Inter-m
  • forces
    • Product Parameters
    Measuring range Electrical insulating oil 2~100mN/m
    Other petroleum products 2~200mN/m
    Accuracy 0.1% reading ± 0.1 mN/m
    Resolution 0.1mN/m
    Sensitivity 0.1mN/m
    Repetitive 2%
    voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz±5Hz
    Maximum power consumption 20W
    Ambient temperature 0 to 45 ℃ (typically 25 ℃)
    environment humidity ≤85% RH
    Dimensions 200×300×330mm
    Instrument weight 6kg

    • Product Features
       1.Exclusive and quick response electromagnetic balance sensor is adopted, to improve the accuracy of the measurement and degree of linearity.
       2.Only using one point calibration, to solve the problem of previous sensor which needs multi-point calibration. It is no need to use zero potentiometer and full scale potentiometer.
       3. Real-time show equivalent tension value and current weight.
       4. Integrated with temperature detection circuit, to compensate temperature automatically for test result.
       5. 240*128 dot matrix LCD screen.No logo button has function of screen protection.
       6. Save up to 255 history records with time indicated.
       7. Built in high speed thermal mini printer to print out quickly. It also has function of off -line print.
       8.With RS232 port, to connect with PC directly

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