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Insulating oil gas chromatograph analyzer

ZC-215 insulating oil gas chromatographic analyzer is a technology for separation and analysis of multi-component mixtures. It mainly uses the differences of boiling point, polarity and adsorption coefficient of each component in the sample in the chr
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  • Product Parameters

Main technical indicators


Operation display

192x64 dot matrix English LCD

Temperature control area

6 ways

Temperature control range

room temperature + 5 ℃~ 400 ℃, increment: 1 ℃, accuracy: + 0.1 ℃

Order of programmed temperature rise


Program rate

0.1 ~ 40℃/ min

Air control

mechanical valve control mode, electronic pressure flow control mode optional

External event


Type of injector

filling column, capillary, six way valve gas injection, automatic headspace injection, etc

Number of detectors

5, FID, TCD, ECD, FPD, NPD (optional)

Start injection

manually and automatically

Communication interface

Ethernet: IEEE802.3


Technical indicators of detector


Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)

Detection limit

≤3x10-12g/s (n-hexadecane / isooctane)

Baseline noise


Baseline drift

≤ 1x10-13A / 30min

Linear range



Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)


S≥ 10000 mV.ml/mg (benzene / toluene) (magnification 1, 2, 4, 8 times optional)

Number of detectors 

5, FID, TCD, ECD, FPD, NPD (optional)

Baseline noise

≤ 20 µ V

Baseline drift

≤30 µV / 30min

Linear range



Electronic capture detector (ECD)

Detection limit

≤ 1x10-14g / ml (γ-BHC / isooctane)

Baseline noise


Baseline drift


Linear range

≥ 104

Radioactive source


Detection limit

(S)≤2x10-11g/s, (P)≤1x10-12g/s(methyl parathion / anhydrous ethanol)

Baseline noise


Baseline drift

≤2x10-12A / 30min

Linear range for sulfur

For sulfur ≥103  for phosphorus≥104

  • Product Features
1. The advanced 10 / 100M self-adaptive Ethernet communication interface and built-in IP protocol stack are adopted, which makes the instrument easily realize the long-distance data transmission through the intranet and Internet of the enterprise, facilitates the establishment of the laboratory, simplifies the configuration of the laboratory, and facilitates the management of the analysis data;
2. Three independent connection processes are designed inside the instrument, which can be connected to local processing (laboratory site), unit supervisor (such as quality inspection section chief, production plant director, etc.), and superior Supervisor (such as environmental protection bureau, Technical Supervision Bureau, etc.), so that the unit supervisor and superior Supervisor can monitor the operation of the instrument and analyze the data results in real time;
3. The NetChrom TM workstation selected by the instrument can support the work of multiple chromatographic analyzers at the same time, realize data processing and control, simplify document management, and effectively reduce the laboratory investment and operating costs of users;
4. The system has Chinese and English operating systems, and users can switch according to their needs;
5. The temperature control area can be named by the user freely, which is convenient for the user to use:
6. Multi processor parallel operation mode is adopted in the instrument, which makes the instrument more stable and reliable. It can meet the requirements of complex sample analysis, optional. It is equipped with a variety of high-performance detectors, such as FID, TCD, ECD, FPD and NPD, which can be installed at most four detectors at the same time. The detector can also be added to make it easy to purchase and install other detectors after the instrument is purchased;
7. The instrument adopts the modular structure, the design is clear, the replacement and upgrading are convenient, and the effectiveness of investment is protected;
8. The new microcomputer temperature control system has the advantages of high temperature control accuracy, high reliability and anti-interference performance; it has six completely independent temperature control systems, which can realize sixteen order programmed temperature rise and make the equipment competent for a wider range of sample analysis; it has the column box automatic back door opening system, which can improve the accuracy of low temperature control and speed up / down faster;
9. The instrument can be equipped with advanced electronic flow controller (EFC) and electronic pressure controller (EPC) to realize digital control, which can greatly improve the reproducibility of qualitative and quantitative results;
10. The instrument is designed with timing and self starting program, which can easily complete the on-line analysis of gas samples (it needs to be equipped with on-line automatic injection parts);
11. The operation system of the keyboard controlled by the microcomputer is simple and convenient, and the automatic identification technology of the detector is designed. It has the function of fault diagnosis and power-off data protection, and can automatically memorize and set parameters;
12. The instrument has a low noise, high resolution 24 bit AD circuit, and has the functions of baseline storage and baseline deduction;
13、 It is suitable for Win XP, Win2000, Windows7 and other operating systems. The sampling data can be read in by CDF file which conforms to A / A standard, so it can be connected with Agilent, waters and other chromatographic workstations;
14. Chromatographic system with independent intellectual property rights and standard interface of MODBUS / TCP can be easily connected with DCS;
15. The instrument can be connected with automatic samplers produced by many manufacturers at home and abroad, such as AOC-20i of Shimadzu, HT series high-speed liquid and gas automatic samplers of Italy HTA Company, etc.

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