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Open-Cup Flash Point Auto-Tester

The transformer oil tester turns on the flash point and the flash point of the petroleum product is measured. The instrument adopts electric ignition mode, without any flammable gas, and fully complies with ASTM D92 (GB3536-2008) and GB267-88 methods.
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  • Product Parameters
Temperature range -59.9℃~399.9℃
Temperature control range Room temperature ~ 399.9 ℃
Resolution 0.1℃
Accuracy 0.5%
Temperature sensor Platinum resistance (PT100)
Ambient temperature 10~40℃
Relative humidity < 85%
Supply voltage AC220V±10%
Power < 500W
Instrument weight 18kg

  • Product Features
   1.The transformer oil tester adopts a new high-speed digital signal processor, which has high reliability and high precision.
   2.One host can simultaneously control multiple test furnaces for multiple sample tests, saving test time
   3.Detection, opening, ignition, alarm, cooling, printing, the entire experimental process is completed automatically
   4.Platinum electric heating wire (standard), gas ignition mode (optional)
   5.Automatic detection of atmospheric pressure, automatic correction test results
   6.Using the newly developed high-power high-frequency switching power supply heating technology, high heating efficiency, using adaptive PID control algorithm, automatically adjust the temperature rise curve
   7. The temperature value automatically stops detecting and alarming
   8.Thermal micro-printer, making printing more beautiful and faster, with offline printing
   9.The transformer oil tester has a history of time stamps and stores up to 255
   10.The perpetual calendar clock with temperature compensation, accurate time, automatically record the date and time of the measurement, and can run for more than 10 years in the state of power failure.
   11.The transformer oil tester adopts 320x240 large-screen graphic LCD display, Chinese character display interface, rich in content.
   12.Using full-screen touch screen buttons, intuitive and convenient operation
   13.Built-in multiple execution standards to choose from

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