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Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Tester

This transformer tester is a special test equipment designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB265-88 petroleum product kinematic viscosity tester. It is suitable for measuring the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products.
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  • Product Parameters
Temperature control range Room temperature -120℃
Temperature control precision ≤± 0.05℃
Liquid bath hole 4 holes
Input power AC 220V± 10V  50Hz
Rated power 1200W
Temperature 5-40℃

  • Product Features
     1. The transformer tester features a 5.6-inch high-definition color touch screen with a clear and easy-to-use interface.
     2、The instrument can simultaneously determine four samples, and four experiments can be carried out independently without interference.
     3、This transformer tester adopts PID temperature control technology and has high temperature control precision.
     4、PT100 temperature sensor is used to measure temperature with high accuracy.
     5、The number of experiments can be selected according to the need. The number of experiments for the same sample can be adjusted 1-9 times.。
     6、The adjustable instrument can automatically control temperature and calculate viscosity value with high automation.。
     7、Temperature control value, constant temperature time, fine-tuning temperature value, number of experiments, stirring speed, viscometer constant and other parameters can be set. After setting, the instrument can be saved.
     8、It can keep 100 records ,easy to access.

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