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Multichannel temperature inspection instrument

ZC-230 multi-channel temperature inspection instrument has been widely used in all walks of life due to its rich display, flexible operation and powerful recording, operation, control and management functions. This product absorbs the advantages of al
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  • Product Features
1. No pen and paper records are required, daily maintenance workload is very small, and operation cost is low;
2. High brightness touch color TFT LCD screen, CCFL backlight, and clear picture:
3. Using ARM microprocessor, it can realize multi-channel signal acquisition, recording, display and alarm at the same time;
4. Use 70MB FLASH memory chip with large capacity to store historical data and never lose data in case of power failure;
5. Fully isolated universal input. It can input a variety of signals at the same time, without replacing the module, and can be set directly on the instrument;
6. The value range of the displayed quantity data is wider, and 6-digit value can be displayed: - 999.99 ~ 1999.99;
7. It can be used to set parameters, display project I tag number, engineering unit, with flow accumulation and other functions;
8. It has red alarm display, indicating the lower limit, lower limit, upper limit and upper limit alarm of each channel at the same time; 8-way relay alarm output (customized product);
9. High display accuracy, basic error of + 0.2% F.S;
10. Built in GB2312 English character library, input with full spelling input method;
11. Support external micro printing, built-in printer, manual printing of data, curve, automatic timing printing of data, to meet the needs of users on-site printing (customized products);
12. Equipped with standard USB2.0 interface. It is easy to operate with mouse and keyboard, and to transfer and store historical data quickly and conveniently;
13. Standard serial communication interface, RS485 and RS232C with optical couple isolation and Ethernet (10.1 inch large screen type);
14. Support standard ModBus RTU communication protocol (optional function). Support other configuration software besides data management software of the company
15. International famous brand switching power supply is adopted. It can work normally in AC 85V ~ 265V wide voltage range;
16. Provide transmitter DC 24V isolated power distribution;
17. Ensure the normal operation of the instrument in the harsh environment through the level of EMCII

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