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Digital Mega-meter

ZC-2671 digital Mega-meter produced by our company is composed of medium and large scale integrated circuits. The meter has high output power, high short-circuit current value and many output voltage levels (there are four voltage levels). The working
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1. High output power, strong load capacity and strong anti-interference ability;
2. The shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Equipotential protection ring and fourth-order active low-pass filter are set in the machine, which can effectively shield the external power frequency and strong electromagnetic field. Because the output short-circuit current of the capacitive test sample is greater than 1.6mA, it is easy to make the test voltage rise to the rated value of the output voltage rapidly. For the low resistance measurement, the voltage drop does not affect the measurement accuracy because of the proportion method;
3. No manual work is required, and the battery is used for power supply, and the measuring range can be changed automatically. Clear panel operation and LCD display make the measurement very convenient and fast
4. The output short-circuit current can be measured directly, without on load measurement for estimation.

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