SF6 Gas Leak Detection and Analysis

SF6 Precision moisture meter

ZC-311B SF6 Micro moisture meter in the whole range measurement accurate and reliable, and has excellent long-term stability, it is not affected by dust particles and most of the chemical pollution, very suitable for the use of industrial e
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  • Product Parameters
Dew point Measuring range     -80 ℃~+20℃
Accuracy of measurement    ±1℃(-80℃~+20℃)
The resolution of the     0.01℃
The power supply     AC 220V
    The built-in rechargeable battery
pressure     0~1MPa
The weight of the     3.5kg
size     25mm0×100mm×300mm
Working temperature     -40℃~+80℃

  • Product Features
    1. 5.6 -inch color touch screen, good repeatability, response speed, simple operation, easy to carry.
    2. Internal stainless steel pipe: effectively prevent instrument piping secondary pollution.
    3. Full range of single point method, multiple point method humidity calibration, measurement of zero point in the process of automatic calibration of patent technology.
    4. Self-locking joint: adopt imported self-locking joint, safe and reliable, no leakage.
    5. Data storage: can store 100 set of test data.
    6. Shows clear: LCD display directly micro water (PPM), dew point, environment temperature, battery, etc.
    7. Built-in power: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, a full 8 hours can work continuously.

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