Circuit Breaker (Switch) Tester

Vacuum Interrupter Detector

Product Introduction ZC-313 Vacuum Switch Vacuum Degree Testeruses new type excitation windings to disassemble test the vacuum degree for all kinds of vacuum switch tube. It is easy to use and operate, to test disassemble , in high accuracy
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  • ZC-313
    • Product Parameters
    Measuring range 10-5~10-1 Pa
    measurement accuracy 10-5~10-4 Pa,10%
    10-4~10-3 Pa,10%
    10-3~10-2 Pa,10%
    10-2~10-1 Pa,10%
    Magnetic field voltage 1700V
    Use environment -20℃~40℃
    Host weight 24kg
    Dimensions 410×320×370mm3
    Sampler Magnetron coil

    • Product Features
        1. No need to dismantle the vacuum switch in measurement;
        2. Two types of magnetic coil for different measuring method;
        3. Can test many types of vacuum switch;
        4. Menu on LCD screen, easy to operate;
        5. Data storage, Viewed and Printed functions;
        6. RS-232 port to Computer;
        7. Light weight, Portable.

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