SF6 Gas Leak Detection and Analysis

SF6 Gas Leak Detector

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  • ZC-316B
    • Product Parameters
    Minimum Detection Amount 1(×10-6 volume ratio)
    Detection Range 1~1000(×10-6 volume ratio)
    Response Time <1 second
    Recovery Time <10 seconds
    Display Value Error ≤±3%
    Repetitiveness ≤1%
    Maximum Motionless Sensor Sensitivity 3g/year
    Indication Methods LCD display and multi-frequency sound alarm
    Length of Probe Wire handheld serpentine sensor can reach to 1 meter's length
    Continuous Working Time 5hours
    Device Battery Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery AC/DC
    Environmental Requirements temperature: -5℃~50℃
    Relative Humidity(RH): ≤85%
    Overall Weight 2kg
    Size of Device 230mm×130mm×46mm

    • Product Features
          1. Small size, low weight, portable handheld serpentine sensor and increased wire flexibility.
          2. High sensitivity: the device can locate any leakage over 3g per year due to its great sensitivity of halogen gas in small amount.
          3. Wide detection range: the device can detect the leakage amount of SF6 which is below the leakage rate of the SF6 switch gear.
          4. High accuracy:  based on advanced method of calibration, the device can provide a high calibration line which guarantees the liability of the detection results and the accuracy of its quantitative detection.
          5. Visualized display and sound & light alarm: LCD display with backlight display function to guarantee a simple visualized data display. Once SF6 is detected, the sound and light alarm will be activated.
          6. Quick response and short recovery time: increased response speed and shortened recovery time provided by the new circuit structure makes on-spot detections more convenient.
          7. Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery AC/DC and a continuous working time of 5 hours: perfectly fit on-spot detections, SF6 high-pressure switch manufacturers and research institutes.

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