SF6 Gas Leak Detection and Analysis

SF6 comprehensive tester

ZC-316D SF6 comprehensive tester adopts imported sensor, it has the functions of testing SO2+SOF2,H2S,CO,HF, water content and SF6 purity. Centralize the functions of 7 instruments into one instrument which will save much gas. The instrument
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  • Product Parameters
Purity Measurement range 0%~100%
Measurement precision±0.5%
<2 minutes.
Dew Point Measurement range -80 ℃~+20 ℃
Measurement precision ±0.5℃(-80℃~-60℃)
response time(+20℃) 63% needs 5seconds,90% needs 45seconds(-60℃~+20℃)
63%needs 10seconds,90%needs 240seconds(+20℃~-60℃)
H2S Measurement range 0%~100%
Minimum detection quantity ≤0.1ppm
precision ±0.5%
Stability 0~100ppm
repeatability ≤2%
SO2 Measurement range 0~100ppm
Minimum detection quantity ≤0.1ppm
precision ±0.5%
Stability 0~100ppm
repeatability ≤2%
CO Measurement range 0~100ppm
Minimum detection quantity ≤1ppm
precision ±0.5%
Stability 0~1000ppm
repeatability ≤1.5%
HF Measurement range 0~20ppm
Minimum detection quantity ≤0.01ppm
precision ±0.5%
Stability 0~20ppm
repeatability ≤2%
Environment temperature -40℃~+60℃
Environment humidity 0~100% RH
Power Supply AC 220V
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Environment temperature Charging time:20 Hours;Can be used for more than 10 hours
Weight 8KG
Size 450×150×300mm3
Working temperature -40℃~+80℃

  • Product Features
     1. Fast and gas saving,After enter into the measurement state, the measurement time is about 5 minutes
     2. Self-locking Connector, Imported from Germany, safe and reliable, no leakage
     3. Data Storage, large capacity design, up to 500 sets of test data can be stored
     4. high-definition display, 4.3 inch touch screen is used to display all measured data
     5. Built-in power supply, Large capacity lithium battery, Can work continuously for 30 hours after fully charged.
     6. Electronic flow, Built-in electronic flowmeter, display flow in the whole process, and with flow over-limit alarm function
     7. Intelligent cleaning,Built-in micro air pump, it is able to Clean the pipeline quickly after measuring and the cleaning time can be set.
     8. Open calibration, This instrument has the function of calibration, which can complete the whole calibration work only by operating on the instrument
     9. The data processing, Built-in printer can selectively print or upload the saved data to the computer

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