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Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester

ZC-402 Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester is a special instrument for testing the insulation characteristics of water-cooled generator. It can also be used for testing insulation in laboratory or field. The instrument has the function of automat
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  • Product Parameters
Test range 5MΩ~10000MΩ
resolution Minimum 0.1 M Ω
precision Plus or minus (10% plus or minus 2 words)
The test voltage 2.5kV
Output short circuit current ≥3mA
Display mode Dot matrix liquid crystal display
The power supply mode AC220V
The environment temperature 0~40℃
Relative humidity <90%, no condensation
weight 5kg
  • Product Features
    1. It adopts microcomputer control, menu operation, large screen LCD, LCD dot matrix display, low voltage shielding method measurement, stable performance, belongs to intelligent instrument.
    2. Automatic measurement of R15, R60, R600, automatic calculation of absorption ratio, polarization index.
    3. The test voltage is negative high voltage 2500V, and the load capacity is strong. The resistance between the winding and the water collecting pipe (low water resistance) to 70kΩ, the test voltage drop <10%.
    4.  Measurement range is 0 ~10GΩ, automatic switching range.
    5.  The influence of polarization potential of water can be compensated and eliminated automatically. When the resistance between the water collector and the base is as low as 3kΩ, the accuracy of the measurement also can be ensured.
    6. The combination of analog bar pointer and digital display shows the changing trend of data and accurate measurement results.
    7. The test time is displayed at any time, and the buzzer automatically calls every 15 seconds.
    8. After the measurement, automatic discharge high voltage, high voltage release time is not more than 5 seconds
    9. Automatic measurement of ambient temperature, air humidity and the date and time of each test
   10. Can save 60 sets of measurement results, and the data can not be lost in 20 years. 
   11. With RS232 interface, it can communicate with the computer data; with the printer, it can print the measurement results, eliminating the meter reading work.
   12. It has comprehensive and perfect protection function and high reliability.

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