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DC System Earth Fault Detector

ZC-410 DC System Earth Fault Detector applies to all DC system in any voltage class, equipped with high-precision tester, expanded the tested range and strengthened the anti-interference ability by processing many kinds of signal.
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  • Product Parameters
Signal generator: Output signal frequency     2.5Hz
Signal no-load output voltage    ±20V±5%
Signal voltage amplitude error     <5%
Output terminal shock resistance capability      400V DC impulse
Supply voltage     AC220V±10%
Voltage frequency     50Hz±5%
Input insurance     2A
Dimension     275×225×100mm
Signal receiver Signal current measurement sensitivity     0.5mA
Display of receiver     number 0~19
Dimension     195mm×100mm×30mm
 Dimension     38mm×69mm×30mm
  • Product Features
    1. Easy to use, customers can directly operate only need turn on the power switch.
    2. Safe and reliable, do not need power off the charger or other power source, without effects to DC system.
    3. Applies to various voltage class, DC system 220V, 110V, 48V, 24V.
    4. Wide range of application, any power plant, transformer substation, colliery, chemical plant and others power supply departments.

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