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Large-scale grounding resistance tester

ZC-410A large-scale grounding resistance tester is a special instrument for measuring grounding continuity between grounding resistance and grounding point. The instrument adopts frequency conversion anti-interference technology, does not need large c
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1. The power frequency equivalence of measurement is good. The test current waveform is sine wave, and the difference between frequency and power frequency is only 0.25Hz at least and 5Hz at most. It can be used to measure at 50Hz or 60Hz.
2. Strong anti-interference ability. This instrument adopts the method of different frequency measurement and the modern software and hardware filtering technology, which makes the instrument, have high anti-interference performance and stable and reliable test data.
3. The measurement accuracy is high. The basic error is only 0.005Ω, which can be used to measure the earth network with small ground impedance.
4. Powerful. It can measure the current pile, voltage pile, grounding grid impedance, grounding resistance, grounding continuity, soil resistivity, etc.
5. Easy to operate. All English menu operation, directly display the measurement results.
6. wiring labor is small, no need for large current wire.
7. Safe and reliable. The instrument has the functions of grounding protection, current limiting and voltage limiting protection, audible and visual alarm, etc. to ensure the safety of test personnel and equipment.

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