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No partial discharge device

Series No partial discharge device is a power frequency test transformer that absorbed the advanced technology from Overseas which is designed and developed by our company, Widely used in electrical product Cable generator transformer insul
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  • Product Parameters
No Partial discharge transformer Rated capacity 5-1000kVA
Input voltage AC220V/AC380V
Output voltage  AC 0-1000kV,DC 0-1400kV
Partial discharge under rated voltage ≤5PC
Impedance voltage 10 %
Output voltage waveform power frequency, sine wave
Surface temperature rise <55℃
No-load loss 0.2 % - 0.35 %
Continuous running time allowed 1 hour/time
Intermittent running time continuous
Capacitor voltage divider (double as coupling capacitor) Gauge 10~500KV/500PF, 1000PF
 Rated frequency 50HZ
 Nominal capacitance 500pF, 1000pf
 Rated voltage  10~500KV
 Nominal partial pressure ratio 1000:1
Medium loss < 0.2%
Local discharge  < 3pC at rated voltage, < 2pC at 80% rated voltage
Measuring accuracy ≤±1%
Permitted operating time same as transformer
Protection resistance  Rated voltage
 Rated current long-term current 0.1~1A
nominal resistance 1 ~ 100 k Ω
Local discharge < 3pC at 100% rated voltage, < 2pC at 80% rated voltage
Temperature rise  surface temperature of resistance in continuous operation under 100% rated current is less than 80K
 Operating time same as transformer
Power filter Power filter 0.38kv
Rated current 150A
 Rated frequency 50-60hz
Number of routes 1
quality factor of filter reactor  > 70
 Background level of partial discharge < 2pC
Damping resistance power
 Attenuation characteristics 40khz-100khz > 40DB
Permissible operating time the temperature rise of windings of the same transformer meets the national standard
db Insulation level no abnormal discharge at 5KV/1min

  • Product Features
     1. Successfully developed no partial discharge epoxy insulated cylinder, partial discharge value is low
     2. Impedance voltage is low, better than the national standard
     3. Adopt automatic control technology,high level of automation,strong anti-interference capability
     4. Adopt Fast electronic protection device to achieve the high reliability

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