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Damping pulse divider

The ZC-503C Damping pulse divider is a high voltage measurement system with weak damping (equipotential shielding type), which is mainly used to measure lightning wave, including full lightning wave, 8/20us wave and other lightning wave.
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  • Product Parameters
Voltage Level AC: 50-2000 kV (can withstand the peak impulse voltage of 110% rated value)
Corresponding time <120 ns (special requirements can be customized)
Impulse voltage waveform The main parameters of full-wave are peak UP, front- wave time T1, half-peak time T2, standard full-wave front- wave time T1 = 1.2us, half-peak time T2 = 50us. In order to obtain high accuracy test data, it is recommended to use American Tektronix oscilloscope above 200M, and other technical indicators should meet the relevant requirements of high voltage lightning wave measurement.
Accuracy AC: 3.0%
Insulation medium imported capacitor oil
CT Ratio Temperature: 0℃~45℃
Humidity: < 85% RH
Partial pressure ratio: 1000:1 or (customized according to customer requirements)
  • Product Features
       1. Balanced equipotential shielding structure is adopted.
       2. High-quality electronic components are used inside the fully sealed insulating cylinder, which makes the whole device accurate and linear.
       3. High precision, high linearity, high stability, anti-jamming
       4. Oil-immersed insulation is used to minimize the internal partial discharge.
       5. Internal shielding anti-jamming system, Omni-directional voltage equalization measures, single section or sub-section structure
       High-precision resistor and low tangent high-voltage capacitor are used in the interior, and the partial discharge is small

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