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DC high voltage generator

ZC-540A series DC high voltage generator is a new generation of portable DC high voltage tester designed and manufactured according to the new China power industry standard DL / t848.1-2004 general technical conditions for DC high voltage generator. I
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  • Product Features
1. The case is made of aluminum alloy。
2. The medium frequency double voltage circuit, PWM technology and high power IGBT device are used。
3. Large voltage feedback, the output voltage is stable and the ripple factor is 0.5%。
4. Full range smooth voltage regulation, good voltage regulation accuracy, regulation accuracy≤0.5%, stability ≤1%, voltage and current error ± (1.5% + 2 words), current error ± (1.5% ± 2 words).。
5. Boost potentiometer to boost voltage from zero。
6. 0.75UDC1mA function button, convenient for zinc oxide arrester test, with accuracy of ± 1.5% +±2 words。
7. The over-voltage protection adopts the setting of code drawing, which is clear at a glance, error ±2%。
8. The signal pressure adopts new materials, light and solid. Special insulating material is coated on the surface, with good electrical performance and strong moisture-proof ability。
9. ZC-540A complies with the technical requirements of DL / t848.1-2004, and has passed the type test of the electrical equipment quality testing center of the Ministry of electric power, and strictly complies with the enterprise standard.

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