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Transformer district (Branch) identification instrument

ZC-602 Distribution Transformer district (Branch) identification instrument is composed of main unit, hand-held extension and relevant auxiliary parts. The communication between main unit and hand-held extension adopts low-frequency zero crossing comm
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  • Product Parameters

Communication mode

Low frequency zero crossing communication technology

Working Frequency


Working Voltage


Power waste

≤6W, extension power consumption ≤2W, working power consumption no more than 10W

Environment Condition

Standard working temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Relative humidity: ≤93% RH

Identification accuracy


Distance of communication


Voltage, Current test accuracy


Clamp type current transformer jaw diameter


  • Product Features
(1) Multimode recognition mode: three recognition modes are optional, which can meet different field needs.
(2) Branch Identification: it can judge the branch (switch) of a user's power consumption, and the function is more practical.
(3) Phase identification: it can judge which phase of a user's station area and display intuitively.
(4) Line voltage drop display: it can display the outlet voltage of the host side (low voltage side of the transformer) and the voltage of the tested user's 220V access port on the same screen to get the voltage drop value of the user's power supply line, so as to provide a hand-in data for the reasonable deployment of the balance load.
(5) Large storage capacity: at least 800 groups of tested user information can be stored and can be consulted at any time. Data export function: the host has USB data interface, which can export the information of all users under test, so as to facilitate the sorting and statistics of station information.
(6) The plastic shell of the outer box of the main engine adopts the high polymer impact resistant engineering plastic portable outer box, which has good mechanical performance and certain waterproof function, beautiful appearance, light weight of the whole machine, and is convenient for field use.
(7) The mainframe and extension adopt large screen dot matrix LCD, all of which are displayed in simplified English, easy to operate.
(8) The whole machine is equipped with complete accessories, which can meet various needs of different sites.
(9) Multi mode identification mode can accurately determine the substation area or the branch (switch) of the power consumption circuit that the user belongs to, with the recognition accuracy of 100%, high signal strength and long transmission distance.
(10) The configuration quantity of host and extension is flexible. Because the number of host and extension can be set at will through the keyboard, the user identification of multiple distribution transformer (switch) power supply areas under complex conditions can be realized.
(11) Both the host and the extension have memory function. After setting the working mode once, it is unnecessary to reset the working mode when the machine is turned on again.
(12) It has the same screen display function of port voltage, user voltage and line voltage drop, which is convenient to compare voltage drop and provides reference for reasonable load balancing.
(13) The host and extension have the function of power supply protection and alarm prompt. When the 220V power supply is wrongly connected to 380V, the circuit will automatically judge and cut off the internal circuit, and send out the sound and light alarm prompt.
(14) There are two ways of working power supply for the host machine: testing voltage line for power borrowing and external DC power supply module.
(15) The main circuit of the host adopts high-speed processor, which has strong data processing ability and strong storage ability. It can store at least 800 groups of test data, and can be consulted at any time, and can export the stored data results through USB data interface.

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