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Low voltage anti electric larceny inspection instrument

ZC-603A Low voltage anti electric larceny inspection instrument can centrally diagnose long-distance users electricity meters, collect data, and the collected data can be sent back to the low-voltage intelligent analysis system in time for data analys
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  • Product Parameters

External structure

Equipment weight


Equipment volume

185mm x 95mm x 40mm

Display size


Communication mode

RS232 and 485 communication upload:

wireless serial port, USB, GPRS

Electrical parameters


plastic shell integrated structure

Voltage level

AC 220V



Power consumption

≤ 6W

Working environment

relative humidity < 85%; temperature: - 25 °C ~ 65 °C.

  • Product Features
1. With the function of data acquisition and recording, and collects the real-time data such as voltage, live line current, zero line current, active power, reactive power, power factor, bottom of the meter, cover opening record, etc. of the household meter in the station area through the concentrator RS232 through transmission mode;
2. With the function of data analysis, it can quickly screen suspected users or users with abnormal metering through the analysis and diagnosis model, predict the mode of stealing electricity, estimate the loss of electricity, and automatically generate the unified report of collection and analysis results of abnormal stealing electricity. It can accurately judge the power stealing methods of under voltage method, under current method, phase shifting method and intra meter differential expansion method, and the report can classify the suspected household table according to the severity;
3. with the function of automatic verification of station topology. It can quickly determine the subordination relationship between the station area and the household table, and verify the correctness of the station area files and the abnormal line loss;
4. With the function of maintaining the station area file data, which can automatically import the station area file data records, or modify the file data through the diagnosis results;
5. Complete the whole process of on-site collection, diagnosis and results at one time, with the time no more than 12 hours.

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