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Handheld Three-phase Meter

ZC-610B handheld three-phase meter is designed with high speed M3 Cortex processor and 24 bit high speed ADC for measurement and calculation of electric parameters, fully graphical interface, true color display resolution of 320240, touch screen man
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  • Product Parameters
Voltage 1~500
Current 0.001~10
Active power 0.001~5000
Reactive power 0.001~5000
inspecting power 0.001~5000
frequency 45~65
Phase 0~360
Dimensions 320*280*140mm3
weight 3.2kg

  • Product Features
    1. Simultaneous measurements of three phase voltage and four current (including zero line current);
    2. At the same time measuring phase, three-phase AC voltage and current phase angle, angle;
    3. Measurement of power frequency and phase sequence;
    4. Automatic identification of transformer winding, capacitive and inductive loads;
    5. Six angle chart display, color sequence analysis;
    6. Active power, reactive power, apparent power, three-phase power and power factor measurement;
    7. Data save and view;
    8. Data static save function, can save 50 groups of data;
    9. 3.2 inch TFT color display with touch function;
    10. Lithium battery powered, rechargeable continuous standby for more than 20 hours.

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