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HV CT Ratio Tester

This ct ratio tester breaks through the traditional structure and is specially designed for the HV CT below 60kV (such as 10kV or 35kV), it can test ct ratio ratio, phase order, polarity and leakage current of the transformer on line.
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  • Product Parameters
DC6V alkaline dry battery (1.5V AAA×4) for 20 hours of continuous operation
Test method Clamp CT
transfer method Wireless transmission, distance of about 30m
Display mode
LCD: 128dots × 64dots
Blue screen backlight function for dark places
LCD size Display field: 44mm × 27mm
Meter size Host: width and thickness 75mm × 170mm × 30mm
High pressure detector: width and thickness 76mm × 255mm × 31mm
Low-voltage current clamp: width, height and thickness 70mm × 175mm × 38mm
Jaw size
High pressure detector: φ48mm
Low-voltage current clamp: 25mm × 30mm
Sampling rate 3 times / sec
Measuring range High voltage detector: 0.1mA ~ 1000A
Low voltage current clamp: 0.01mA ~ 10A
External interference No special strong electromagnetic field; no 433MHz, 315MHz co-channel interference
Working temperature and humidity -25 ℃~ 45℃; below 80% Rh
Storage temperature and humidity -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃; 70% Rh below
Insulation rod size φ32mm, 1m/section, 5 sections
structure Anti-drip type II (high pressure detector)

  • Product Features
    1. This CT ratio tester measures high-voltage current transformers 35kV and below;
    2. The polarity of 35kV and the following high and low voltage current transformer can be measured;
    3. 35KV and the following current transformer can be detected high and low pressure side of the corresponding;
    4. Can measure the current amplitude and ratio of 35KV and the following high and low voltage lines;
    5. High capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery, continuous work over 10 hours;
    6. Closed clamp design, opening design accuracy is improved greatly;
    7. Long U shaped jaws, measured the width of up to 55mm, can easily measure the wide aluminum row;
    8. Wireless transmission distance is far, the ability to cross obstacles.

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