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Single phase electric energy meter calibrator

ZC-621A single-phase electric energy meter calibrator is an electronic program-controlled single-phase smart meter inspection device developed according to the relevant regulations of national grid / South Grid smart meter and the requirements of rele
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  • Product Parameters

Parameter name

Main index

Accuracy Level

0.05 grade, 0.1 grade

Standard electric energy meter Level

Single phase multifunctional standard energy meter, Accuracy level:0.05 grade

Voltage range

0~240V( can be set at will)


Adjustment range:0~120%

Adjust degree::0.01% Fullness

Current range

0.005A, 0.25A, 0.05A,0.25A,0.5A,1A,2.5A,5A,10A,20A,50A,100A

Accuracy: 0.02%

Adjustment range: 0~120%

Adjust degree::0.01%

Phase shift Range


Adjust degree:0.01°

Output Accuracy


Adjust degree:0.01Hz

Accuracy of Indicating meter





Distortion of Output wave form



Output stability



Power: <0.05%/3min

Harmonic wave output

2~21 times, harmonic wave content<40%, set at will under fundamental wave

Output capacity



Load characteristics

Resistance, sensibility and tolerance (4uF)

Starting current output

1mA (Minimum)

Accuracy: <5%

Starting power: Accuracy<5%

STY10 standard clock

3 x 7-7/S(Accuracy of Internal Time base ),output50KHz, GPS timing instrument (Optional)

Current connect mode

1- - 2; 4 - - 3

Multi-way booster

0.01 grade

Rated load of each way:15VA

Device input power

220VAC, ±10%, 50Hz

Maximum power dissipation:2000VA(24 epitope)

  • Product Features
1. A variety of structural design, one-piece or split structure; special aluminum alloy frame, fireproof composite table, beautiful appearance:
2. Crimp type junction box (4 high current terminals and 8 small signal terminals) conforming to the standard interface of smart meter. Each meter position is equipped with open circuit detection function, and can be equipped with automatic short-circuit empty meter position function; it can also be equipped with electric or pneumatic automatic crimp I device;
3. Double current circuit design. Each meter position is equipped with two high-quality 100A magnetic holding relays: it can test the error of the automatic primary and secondary circuits of the electric energy meter with anti stealing double circuit metering; it supports the manual and automatic verification of the single-phase double circuit charge control intelligent electric energy meter of the State Grid; it does not need the secondary meter, and realizes the non decoupling inspection of the live line (L) circuit and the zero line (N) circuit through the way of relay switching, which is completed once; The two current circuits can be switched by keyboard or automatically by meter calibration software;
4. It adopts digital pulse width modulation technology power source, with high output power, high efficiency, low heating and high stability
5. Perfect fault detection, location, protection and alarm functions. With voltage short circuit, current open circuit, power amplifier overheating, poor contact and other protection functions;
6. The amplitude and phase can be set freely (the harmonic amplitude is within 40% of the fundamental wave and the phase is 0-360). It can also analyze the output harmonic and draw the waveform: it can carry out the harmonic influence test on the electric energy meter;
7. Each table bit is equipped with independent pulse input, multi-functional signal input, 485 communication signal interface with high-voltage protection function, and multi-functional display board with 6-digit digital display (displaying basic error, number of pulses in words, meter clock, various status marks, etc.);
8. The test scheme can be set flexibly, and can complete all accuracy requirements tests such as basic error, constant check, potential start test, multi rate electric energy, voltage, current, power factor, zero line current indication error, daily timing error, time interval switching error, demand indication error, demand cycle error, etc;
9. It can complete all consistency tests and various influence tests such as error variation, error induced, load current fluctuation variation, current overload, etc;
10. It can test the influence of voltage, frequency and harmonic on all kinds of meters;
11. The precise time service of the meter can be realized by the high precision GPS module;
12. It can carry out communication test, broadcast timing, internal data verification, time zone and time interval test, and combined error test for intelligent energy meter;
13. Support the power decline accuracy, electricity price switching test, load switch tripping and closing test (internal relay low-voltage current switch, external relay AC220 voltage detection) and other cost control function tests;
14. It can test the freezing function of smart meters, and can test various freezing methods;
15. Test the event recording function of the smart meter, including voltage loss, current loss, phase failure, total voltage loss, power failure, programming, zero clearing, switch cover, switch, etc;
16. It can be used for voltage drop, power interruption, power supply slow rise and fall test, etc;
17. It can test the power cut display and power cut meter reading function of intelligent meters;
18. Adopt serial server or multi-channel 485 communication conversion board, advanced multi thread software technology, make multi table 485 parallel communication, improve communication efficiency;
19. Carrier module switcher is optional to realize carrier communication test of single-phase carrier watt hour meter;
20. Prepayment detection function - trip function test; the device is equipped with the third current circuit; it can detect the accuracy of the decrease of the remaining prepayment electricity, and detect whether the meter trips after inserting the relay test card (or reaching the alarm electricity). During the pre paid card meter trip function detection, when the voltage and current rise, the current circuit of any - meter position is disconnected, the voltage and current of the device can ensure normal output, the current is not open, there is no alarm and shutdown, and there is no impact on the operation of other meter positions, all meter positions complete the detection at one time;
21. The powerful PC control management software, according to the requirements of the test intelligent table, can read and write nearly 2000 parameter data with simple and clear interface, full menu graphic mode, easy to learn and use. Database query, statistics, printing and networking are all available;
22. Configure SG186 networking interface module;
23. Provide dynamic database for the secondary development of the third party.

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