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Wireless relay protection vector analyzer

ZC-650 wireless relay protection vector analyzer is also known as phase protection loop vector tester and loop vector analyzer. It is composed of two hand-held measuring terminals, which can measure six circuit voltage, current amplitude and phase wir
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  • Product Features
1. Distributed wireless synchronous measurement of volt ampere phase electrical parameters, wireless synchronous measurement of six voltage, six current amplitude phase;
2. Single use can be used as a three-phase volt ampere phase meter;
3. The phase accuracy of wireless synchronous measurement is within 0.2 *;
4. No GPS is needed to avoid long-term star searching;
5. There is no need to place cables to introduce reference voltage, to avoid secondary short circuit of PTI caused by cable insulation or operation problems;
6. It can synchronously measure CT signal of transformer high and low voltage side differential protection in front of smart grid merging unit;
7. The special customized antenna is adopted to easily cope with the long-distance wireless communication of various complex environments in the station;
8. Optional wireless repeater to solve the problem of wireless communication in basement and well shielded room;
9. Measurement frequency;
10. Measuring power
11. Display hexagon vector;
12. Three phase unbalance measurement;
13. The current amplitude and phase measurement can reach a minimum of 1mA, which is very suitable for the load test of the main transformer in the substation, new station or the station with small load;
14. It has the function of anti harmonic interference, and it still keeps the measurement accuracy in the case of harmonic;
16. Automatic range switching;
17. Full isolation of voltage and current sampling;
18. The application can be upgraded through SD card;
19. 3.5-inch color LCD is adopted;
20. Built in large capacity lithium battery after one charge, it can work continuously for 10 hours without turning off the screen backlight (turn on the backlight off function, and the standby time is longer).

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