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Cable Identifier

Product Introduction ZC-701Cable Identifier includes a transmitter and a receiver, it can be used to locate trace anddepth of the underground cables and metallic pipes, also to identify the cable from a bunch of cables. Product Features Tra
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  • Product Parameters
Ambient temperature 23℃±1℃
Environmental wet 40%~60%
Measured voltage frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Receiver operating voltage 7.4V±0.5V
Transmitter operating voltage 11.1V±0.5V
External electric field, magnetic field Should be avoided
Cable position to be tested The cable under test is at the approximate geometric center of the flexible coil

  • Product Features
    1. Transmitter
    • Output (Three mode): Direct connection output, Clamp Coupling output, Radiation induction.
    • Frequency (6 for choice): 500Hz, 1kHz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 66kHz, 93kHz, including 500Hz and 1kHz is complex frequency. It can realize the function of Correct/False indication and pipe identification with the help of Receiver.
    • Fault signal output to detect Pipe grounding fault.
    • Power output: Max. 10W, 4 steps adjustable.
    • Automatic impedance matching and functions of overload&short-circuit protection.
    • Power supply: Internal rechargeable Lithium battery. It can be recharged by charger (AC 220V) or car cigarette lighter (12V).
    • If low battery, the instrument will shut down automatically, to protect battery.
    • Robust and portable.
    2. Receiver
    • Left/Right arrow indication for Cable Route Tracing. (Patent technology)
    • Correct/False indication (Patent technology). It will point to the forward when the detected cable is traced correctly. Otherwise, it will point to the backward and it will show “?“.
    • Strong anti-interference.
    • Automatic measurement of depth and current.
    • Various detection mode, more accurate.
    • Detection frequency: 500Hz, 1kHz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 66kHz, 93kHz, suitable for different conditions.
    • Two passive detection frequency bands: power frequency and radio frequency (RF). No need to connect with audio frequency generator.
    • History curve display.
    • Cable identification: Clamp identification and stethoscope identification. Clamp identification can measure the current amplitude and direction of cable precisely and give accurate result. Stethoscope identification is a traditional method when it is not convenient to use Clamp identification. It is easy wiring for Stethoscope identification.
    • Grounding fault location.
    • Built-in Rechargeable lithium battery.
    • Automatic shut down if there is no operation in 30mins.
    • Robust and portable.

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