Lightning Arrester Insulator Tester

Lightening Protection Components Tester

Product Introduction ZC-610B Handheld Three-phase Meter is high accuracy, high stability, low power consumption, easy to use. Can test the three-phase AC voltage, current , phase between voltage, phase between current, phase between voltage
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  • Product Parameters
Pressure sensitive resistance measurement    Initial action voltage: 0~1700V
   Error ≤2%±1d
   Leakage current: 0~199.9μA
   Error≤±2μA ±1d
Discharge measurement    DC Spark-over Voltage : (20~1700)V
   Error: ≤±2%±1d
Insulation resistance    6MΩ(500V)
Withstand voltage    AC 1.5kV 50Hz 1ZCn
Working temperature and humidity    0~+40℃,≤85%RH
Storage temperature    -10℃~+50℃
Power supply    DC12V dedicated power supply
Consumption    8W
Instrument size    208mm×190mm×70mm

  • Product Features
      1. Applies to test the DC parameters of Oxide Zinc arrester (voltage dependent resistor), cermet second, third electrode discharge tube, vacuum lightning tube and others over voltage protection components. It also can be considered as stable power source and constant current power supply.
      2. With HV short circuit protection, over current protection, high voltage preset, range adjustment functions, HV self discharge time less than 0.5 second.
      3. It has self calibration function.
      4. LCD display, high precision, strong reliability.
      5. Pre-set the measurement range when testing, there will be sound alarm if exceed the measurement range.
      6. Choose continuous measurement can make continuous test for mass measured equipments.
      7. Panel function is simple, easy to operate.
      8. Light in weight, easy to carry.

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